About Scott White

In 1989 I moved to the Seattle area from Buffalo in an attempt to find a place where I could enjoy the culture of a city and the adventure of the outdoors at the same time. It worked for a while. Then it started feeling like there were too many people on the trails in the mountains every summer, so I decided to pursue more winter camping as a way to experience our great wild areas without the overwhelming presence of humanity. After a collision of several fateful events, I ended up with two Malamutes and the desire to experience our pure, winter lands by means of dog sledding, which in turn led me to several yearly dog sledding trips into Denali Park, Alaska. I kept returning home from Alaska with sled dogs of my own and the next thing I knew, I had a dog team.

While my intent for several years was recreational sledding, it became apparent relatively quickly that, in the lower 48, our wild lands are disappearing rapidly and there's just too much private or developed land to travel any great distance by dog team. I realized that racing was the only way to accomplish the distances and adventurous trips I wanted to with my dogs, and in a few short years I transformed my recreational team into a racing team. What started as an accident and a hobby became a lifestyle and a passion.

As I continue down this path, my passion has generated two primary goals for this lifestyle that has developed – assemble as competitive a dog team as possible, and use this endeavor as a means of bringing attention to the need to save our wild, undeveloped lands and animals that inhabit them. Spending uncountable hours in the wild lands of Washington, Montana, Alaska, and Minnesota over the past 15 years has made me keenly aware that we are eliminating wild lands at a extremely rapid pace, and driving the animals that inhabit those lands into smaller and smaller pockets of nature. The challenges of traveling long distances by dog team brings great attention to this, and is strikingly analogous to the challenges the natural inhabitants of those wild lands face.

The Dogs

Here are the true athletes. If you ever wonder just how tough these dogs are ask yourself when was the last time you ran 40-70 miles, slept for four hours, got up and did again and again and again?



While Cowboy lives up to his name in his no non-sense, calm and focused disposition, he balances out his steely drive with an embracing friendliness that makes him one of the most likable dogs on the team. He’s our meat and potatoes leader.



Without a doubt, the hardest working dog on the team. Unfortunately, he works so hard, we are worried he may not be able to "go the distance". Always runs in swing or lead.



The team trouble maker. Always trying, and sometimes succeeding at busting out of the dog yard, and usually takes some accomplices with him. But, he's one of the strongest dogs on the team, so this is worth putting up with. Runs a bit of lead when going slower, but otherwise a super strong team or swing dog.



He's a great team dog, strong and solid. He pulls for Matt Hamel's team. When he's not running, he spends his time having a blast with the other dogs and humans — he has a great disposition.



The team's escape artist. As a result, she's been living in the house on and off. Not sure of her future - one of the best dogs on the team for 25 miles, but mentally doesn't like going much farther than that. We are hoping that she grows out of this next season, which will be her second full season.



Built for speed. Next season will be her second full season, and her first one was marked by real "on and off" performances; until we hit a plowed road on the sled and learned "HOLY CRAP!!, she LOVES to go fast". So, she is one of few dogs we will be trying/training as a leader.



Idol may be a big, lanky and goofy lovenut, but he is a solid, steady and dependable team dog. He also pulls for Matt Hamel's team.



Steadfast; nothing but business; not an all out sprint dog, but a good long distance swing dog and back up leader.


Inga and Heidi

Tough to tell apart in all respects. Never before have there been two sled dog sisters who are as much "sweetest pet ever" as "all business" sled dogs. Won't be great sprint dogs, but really great distance dogs - they never do anything wrong, always pull, never get tired, have good feet, always eat, etc.



Another one of the sweet and smart puppies. His career has started out a bit slow and "on and off", but the more miles he gets, the better he gets. He could end up being one of the best, strongest new puppies.



Odds are that he won't make the team, so his future could be as a pet. But what a great pet he will be - perhaps the friendliest of the new group of puppies.


Bobby Jr

One of the puppies with strong prospects for the future; has pulled hard since day one of his first training. Really smart and mostly "business" oriented.



A tad annoying because of her high pitched bark and incessant desire to go, like the Energizer Bunny, but always pulls and is prospect for an up front dog; perhaps swing dog. Always seems to be posing for photo opportunities.



A wait-and-see pup - he looks pretty good sometimes; other times it looks like he's not going to make it on a distance team. Super sweet and friendly though.



Like his brother, Bradley, he has on and off days. But, unlike Bradley, with more miles he is having more on days than off days. Very friendly.


Delila and Zacharia

She is a bit shy, but also super sweet. One of the best new puppies and is moving further and further up in the team every week. Will eventually try her as a leader. While Zach is one of the best of the new puppies, other than having a bit of fear of almost anything and everything unknown. He is always pulling hard and never seems to get tired. But his fear is a big bummer because he could possibly be a leader otherwise. Hopefully he grows out of that.

Dogs for Sale

Currently, we do not have any dogs for sale, but when we do, you'll find a range of dogs here. Future leaders. Future pets. All great dogs. We've been lucky enough to have them play a part in our lives. Now it's time for them to enrich your life. Contact Scott if you are interested in adding one or more of the dogs to your racing or home team.