Here’s your chance to join the team

Sled dog racing is an intense sport. Physically, emotionally, financially. In fact, each year finds us down 400 bags of dog food, 500 lbs. of fresh meat, 1,000 booties, 1,000 feet of tuglines, 96 tanks of diesel fuel, 30 pair of glove liners, and a drum of mustache de-icer. It’s a lot for even the largest teams, so for a small operation like ours, the numbers can be chilling. And here’s where your unique participation is so vital.

Your Speed

Donate what you can: $50, $100, or even $25. Going at your own pace will help us with general kennel consumables like dog food, vaccinations, medication and veterinary costs, fence repairs, and doghouses.

Training Speed

Supporting us with $500-$1000 outfits us through fall and early winter. You will be keeping our vehicles fueled for travel, the dogs in harnesses, the ganglines intact, that ATV running, and Scott busy making new tug lines.

Racing Speed

At this performance level of support of $1000 and up, you are not only supplying us with entry fees for races, fresh meat and dog food, runner plastic for our sleds, and piles and piles of booties for the dogs, but you are supplying us with our muse. In honor of your inspiration, we will festoon your name or company logo upon our website, dog trailer and our parkas.

Business and corporations will find Lost Lake Racing is a great partner in getting your name out there. The audience for competitive racing is a great, untapped market. We would also like to forge long-term in-kind partnerships with a wide variety of businesses from automotive suppliers to outdoors outfitters to technology companies. Your logo will find potential customers around the country as we travel across America’s heartland and beyond. What’s more, Scott and the Lost Lake Racing Team conduct inspiring speaking engagements about teamwork and the super-human-and-dog challenges of racing, for Fortune 500 companies and elementary schools alike.

Lost Lake Racing will cross mountain ranges, navigate frozen rivers, dense forests, desolate tundra and windswept coastline in blinding winds and subzero temperatures. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to reach the finish line, let alone the actual race! So be a part of our team, and donate or sponsor at Your Speed, Training or Racing Speed today. The dogs will love you.

You've Seen the Team. Now Wear the Gear!

Want to keep that driving dog feeling with you everywhere you go? Pick up a built-for-speed Lost Lake Beanie or the dashing and functional Lost Lake Fleece Jacket. Just email us at with your order. Include quantity, size, and color. Prices do not include sales tax.


LLR Beanies: $20

Stone and Gray Heather Fleece keep your head warm.


LLR Caps: $15

Keep the sunshine out of yours eyes with these caps in Black and Light Tan. The Lost Lake Racing name arches over the window in the back.


LLR T-shirts: $15

These hard-working T's are easy on the eyes in Rust and Sandstone.


LLR Fleece: $65

This eco-friendly fleece comes in musher-friendly Black in both men and women's sizes. Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.